Skyros Sightseeing

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1. The pony of Skyros

In Skyros lives a bantam horse whose height is about 90 to 110 centimeters. This horse is a rare breed and there is no other part of the world. This makes it a valuable species and is of great scientific interest.


2. Rupert Brooke

The English poet Rupert Brooke, died at sea on 23 April 1915, serving in the Royal Naval Division during the First World War and was buried at the nearest port, which happened to be Skyros. In North edge of the village near the archaeological museum and the church Holy Trinity, in a most beautiful place, there is a bronze statue in honor of Rupert Brooke. The statue symbolizes the eternal poetry.


3. Folklore Museum Faltaits

The Museum Faltaits was founded in 1964. Is one of the first local History - Folklore Museums in Greece. Created by Manos Faltaits to save Skyros traditional heritage and to pass in the nationwide area, the message that the present and the future must be secured in tradition. Housed in the old mansion "Falntaidon" of the Faltaits family, whose roots are lost in Byzantium and dominates in the NE edge of Skyros town, built  on the largest tower of the ancient Pelasgian walls of the island - Paliopyrgos.

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4. Archaeological Museum of Skyros

The Museum of Skyros was founded in 1963 and inaugurated ten years later to house the archaeological finds from the long history of the island.

Skyros was inhabited from the Neolithic period (5500-2800 BC), as evidenced by the remains have been found in various locations on the island. Flourished during the early Bronze Age (2800-1900 BC) and reached its peak during the Mycenaean period (1650-1100 BC). Skyros is appeared to be important also in the geometric and archaic years. In 475 BC was conquered by the Athenians and in 323/22 BC passes into the hands of the Macedonians. In 197 BC was conquered by the Romans. From the 2nd century. A.D. is spread to the island the Christian religion.


5. The prehistoric Palamari

There are many archaeological discoveries, that the hoe of researchers brought to light from the soil and sea of Skyros. Some of these findings belong to the Bronze Age, taken from the excavations at Palamari. The findings are exhibited in the small archaeological museum of the city of Skyros.

kastro-skurou 6. Castle of Skyros
The castle of the island with its ancient walls, towers and Byzantine church of St. Athanasius, at the the entrance, is one of the most important sightseeings.