Skyros Island

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Skyros is a magic island with stunning natural beauty that captivates every visitor. It's like a painting of Aegean Sea, able to seduce you. Skyros has a long history that still preserves the old-fashioned character,  having deep-rooted customs and traditions.

Actually Skyros is not only administratively a part of the prefecture of Evia, but also its topographic its very similar to that of Evia. The beautiful Skyros is the largest and southernmost island of the complex of Sporades, and more specifically is located northeast of Kimi. The island has an 8-like shape, as in the medium is very narrow, thus divided into north and south island. The island of Skyros in Evripos offers short water communication through Kimi, which lies approximately 22 nautical miles. Based on a geological theory, Skyros probably is a synthesis of three independent islands. In this suggest the strong contrasts in terrain between the northern part full os pines and the rocky southern part of the island. Also, the island is surrounded by a large number of islands and islets.

The capital of the enchanting island is the omonymous Skyros or otherwise Chora, and is 10 kilometers far from Linaria, which is the main port of the island. The town of Skyros is built on a hillside in the shadow  of a medieval castle and the Byzantine monastery of Agios Georgios Skyrianos. The high aesthetics of Chora, with its white houses and dark roofs creates a unique image to the visitor. The Large Road, crosses the town and leads to the square of the Eternal Poetry, whose name is derived from the poetic mood that causes to the visitor the magnificent views of the island. The city of Skyros is surrounded by many coastal settlements, especially developed for tourism. Nearby, is the village Magazia, which has one of the most stunning beaches. Also, in the south there are the beautiful beaches of Molos and Pera Kampos. Between the city and Linaria is the resort Aspous, which looks at the idyllic bay Achili. Near Linaria there are the beautiful beaches of Kalamitsa, Acherounes and Peukos. North of the island, Olympus of Skyros and the piney beaches reminds of northern Evia. More adventurous would be a tour in the southern part of the island, where is the impressive island's highest mountain, Koxylas. Here, the rocky and arid landscape reminds of South Evia. Also it  worths for someone to reach Three Mpoukes, a large natural harbor, the entrance of which is closed by the islets Plato and Saraceno.

One of the main advantages of Skyros for your holiday is the fast and affordable access, located very close to Euboea, with extremely cheap tickets ship. Skyros is famous for Skyros ponies, an ancient rare breed of small horses that are endangered, for the wonderful woodwork (mainly small furniture) and weavings. Skyros is a quiet island for relaxing holidays, although bars in Chora play early enough loud music. The night life goes on more leisurely and not particularly intense, since the bars are few and there are only two nightclubs on the island.

You can come to Skyros by getting a ship through Kimi. For Kimi, you drive through Chalkis (178 km) or via Oropos - Eretria with a boat (128 km). When you arrive in Kimi (attention to signs - for port!) you will board on the ferry "ACHILLES" and in two hours  you will arrive at the port of Skyros Linaria. The routes are defined under the Shipping Company of Skyros.




AGENCY OF KYMI Tel: 22220 22020 & 22220 22522

AGENCY of SKYROS Tel: 22220 91790

AGENCY LINARIAS Tel: 22220 96465

AGENCY OF ATHENS "ALKYON" Tel: 210 3843220 & 210 3843221

Skyros is also connected by air with Athens 3 times a week, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday and with Thessaloniki 3 times a week, Monday, Tuesday and Saturday. Kimi is linked  with Chalkida - Athens by bus. Bus Station: Liosion 260 Athens. Tel 210 8317153 - 210 8317163.

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